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The most beautiful places to discover in central Brittany

Quoi faire en centre bretagne

When we talk about holidays in Brittany, we too often think of its coasts, its islands and its beautiful beaches. It is true that they are magical. But too little is said about the centre of our beautiful region, its countryside landscapes and its breathtaking views. Here are our favourites for a weekend in Central Brittany and in our opinion the places not to be missed!

The Monts d’Arrée

This place is known to the Bretons as the highest point in Brittany (not far from 400m all the same!). These landscapes are often compared to those of Ireland or Wales. There are dozens of beautiful hikes for lovers of walks. If you prefer, you can head directly to the Mont Saint Michel de Brasparts where the view of the valley is impressive! It is also in the heart of the Monts d’Arrée that you can discover the famous forest of Huelgoat.

Forest of Huelgoat

This forest located in Finistère, often referred to as the “Breton Fontainebleau”, is full of history and dozens of legends that we advise you to discover throughout your journey. Here are the most well-known:

  • The Devil’s Cave: This is one of the first places you can discover at the exit of the Huelgoat river. It falls 20m before pouring into this famous cave. Legend has it that supporters of the king were pursuing a revolutionary who had taken refuge there. While he was making a fire to keep warm, the fans thought they saw the devil formed by the shadow of his hat where feathers were hung.
  • The Virgin’s Household: this pile of huge rocks form kitchen utensils that are fun to recognize. So, will you be able to distinguish a cauldron, a ladle, a butter churn and a bellows?
  • The Wild Boar Pond: This pond, where wild boars came to drink, owes its red colour to the amount of iron strongly present in its water.
  • The Trembling Rock: Will you be able to move this 137-ton rock? It is possible, and even a child can do it! It is easier to do so when you know that it is placed on a plateau in equilibrium due to soil erosion. Legend has it that Gargantua, not content with the meal he was served, threw this rock as a sign of displeasure.
  • Artus Cave: Legend has it that King Arthur (or Artus) slept in this cave with some of his knights. Beware of anyone who woke him up for no reason, he risked death. This cave would enclose a magnificent treasure guarded by demons. Maybe you’ll find it during your walk?

The Valley of the Saints

A few kilometres from Carhaix is an extraordinary place. This Valley of the Saints project began in 2008 and will be completed in about fifty years. Statues over 4 metres high have taken up residence on this hill where the view is splendid. Charme Bretagne advises you to go there at the end of the day to enjoy the sunset!

The Brocéliande Forest

A well-known place for Breton walks with friends or family. Did you know that it was in this mythical forest that the legend of King Arthur was born? You can even discover the legends of this place through costumed walks. In the meantime, here are the 5 must-see places:

  • The Door of Secrets
  • Centre of the Arthurian Imagination
  • The Barenton Fountain
  • The Valley of No Return
  • The Menhirs of Monteneuf

The Lake of Guerlédan

This artificial lake was formed thanks to the construction of a hydroelectric dam. With its 12 km long that crosses the Côtes d’Armor and Morbihan, it has become the largest lake in Brittany and is the ideal place for water sports. Kayaking, pedal boat or sailing, you are bound to find what you are looking for! Did you know that every 20 years the lake is emptied to clean up the dam?

Not far from the lake, don’t forget to go to the Abbey of Bon-Repos, an exceptional heritage site in a sumptuous setting to continue your walk or simply to sip a cocktail along the Nantes-Brest canal!

Photos credits: BERTHIER Emmanuel / L’œil de Paco / DERENNES Yannick 

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