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Dinard and Saint-Malo

Two pearls in the Emerald Coast

On either side of the mouth of the River Rance, they sit gazing at each other. While the people of Saint-Malo set out to conquer the world, Dinard happily remained a fishing village. Then, around the 1900s during the Belle Epoque, the English became infatuated with Dinard and turned it into a seaside resort.

Below the fortifications that give Saint-Malo its unique silhouette, this bay has the most extreme tides in Europe. Taking a holiday in Saint-Malo gives you an inexhaustible source of little pleasures: follow a trail of history through the streets once walked by explorers and privateers, and now the modern-day sailors of the Route du Rhum; discover the beaches that follow the lines of the ramparts, and of course the ever-changing sea that rises with each high tide to turn Grand Bé and Petit Bé into islands…

At Dinard, you’ll see the Anglo-Saxon influence everywhere. This town has always known how to attract and keep the interest of a wealthy clientele, offering a tempting array of pleasures, including the casino, the spa resort, art galleries and beautiful hotels, not forgetting the British Film Festival in autumn.  But Dinard also offers the simple charms of little streets, vast panoramas and the local activity of shellfish-gathering at low tide!

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