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The 5 places to visit in Morbihan

Well known for its exceptional beaches, its natural beauty and its cultural richness, the Gulf of Morbihan has no shortage of assets and activities. Thanks to its many sites and its exceptional landscape, the department has something to please nature lovers.

During your visit to the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany, you will have the opportunity to visit dynamic cities steeped in history, but also places characteristic of Breton culture: fishing ports, half-timbered houses, oyster beds, etc. The Gulf of Morbihan is also full of activities of all kinds to please young and old alike.

Are you wondering what are the most beautiful places to visit during your visit to the Gulf of Morbihan? This guide is for you.

Vannes: medieval capital

Any visit to Morbihan must start with a stay in Vannes. This medieval city is famous for its impressive historical heritage, starting with its ramparts. Very well preserved, the fortifications of Vannes offer a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding landscape. Other emblematic monuments of the city include St. Peter’s Cathedral, which has the tomb of St. Vincent Ferrier.

Vannes is also known for its exceptional historic centre, which has more than a hundred half-timbered houses. In addition to the beauty of the center, the city is famous for its old port. Ideal for a nice walk along the water’s edge, the port of Vannes is surrounded by multiple restaurants.

On the outskirts of Vannes, our guest house « le Clos du Gusquel » will welcome you for an unforgettable stay. Located in the heart of a green landscape, this old traditional farmhouse offers top-of-the-range services.

Visit Lorient

Founded in the seventeenth century, Lorient is a city in the Gulf of Morbihan renowned for its beauty and its setting: its beaches, its heritage, its many activities and its exciting culture. Lorient hosts the Interceltic Music Festival, which, for 10 days, brings together dozens of bands from Celtic countries and regions. Visiting Morbihan via Lorient will also be an opportunity to discover the city of sailing Eric Tabarly, by admiring the 5 famous Pen Duicks.

One of the most beautiful monuments in Lorient is the Tour de la Découverte, built in 1735 at the request of the East India Company. Much more recent, the former submarine base at Keroman was built by the Germans during the occupation. Since then, it has been awarded the Twentieth Century Heritage label and has been rehabilitated as a tourist, economic and nautical hub.

Near Lorient, you can stay in one of our charming accommodations and make the most of your visits to the Gofle du Morbihan:

  • Ty Mat, a charming eighteenth-century manor house on the outskirts of Lorient;
  • Le Manoir des Eperviers, ideally located in the town of Quevens.

The islands of Morbihan

The department of Morbihan has many islands, which fascinate with their fauna as well as their flora and the beauty of their coasts. Some of the most famous islands in Morbihan include:

  • Belle Île en Mer, famous for its large size, beautiful beaches and hiking trails;
  • The island of Gavrinis, renowned for its superb burial site dating back more than 6,000 years;
  • The Ile d’Arz, which is appreciated for its hilltop village and its beautiful beaches;
  • Ile aux Moines, which stands out for its charming coastal paths and woods;
  • The island of Houat, which is appreciated for its sumptuous coves reminiscent of the West Indies;
  • The island of Groix, a sublime territory with the only convex beach in all of Europe.

Don’t miss the boat departures from the Breton ports for these destinations.

There is an old Breton saying that says, “Whoever sees Groix sees its joy”. As you can see, it would be a shame to end your visit to Morbihan without having been able to admire one of these treasures of nature!

Visit to an oyster farm

Brittany is a country well known for its oysters, and Morbihan is no exception. During your visits to Morbihan, you will be able to admire many oyster beds, in order to discover the craft of the craftsmen of the sea. Of course, it will also be the perfect opportunity to taste some seafood from Brittany.

Our guest house maison d’hôtes à Locoal Mendon – located near the Gavres peninsula – is the perfect starting point to enjoy oysters in one of the many oyster farms. The same goes for Les Hauts de Kergaire, a traditional farmhouse nestled in the hamlet of Erdeven.

In the footsteps of the Gallo-Romans

Finally, the Morbihan department is well known as a land of megaliths: tumulus, dolmens, menhirs, cairns and megalithic enclosures. In addition to the fantastic landscapes and cities steeped in history, Brittany is full of human traces dating back to prehistoric times: Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

Your visit to Morbihan will be an opportunity to discover all this richness… and to unravel the secrets of the monumental stones that decorate Brittany.

During your stay in Brittany, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the other departments of the region, Charme Bretagne has gathered for you the 5 best places to visit in the  Côtes d’Armor, in Ille et Vilaine and in Finistère

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