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Morbihan Gulf

One of the world’s most beautiful bays

Morbihan owes its name to its exceptional natural beauty. ‘Mor Bihan’ is the little sea connected to the ocean by a narrow gully between Port-Navalo and Locmariaquer that shelters a myriad of tiny islands and, nestling on the mainland, Vannes.

If you’re taking a holiday in Vannes or the Morbihan Gulf for a weekend or longer, you’ll discover the true meaning of the good life in Brittany. Sailboats bob next to traditional vessels, such as the iconic Sinagot with its rust-red sails. Countless little islands – including Ile aux MoinesIle d’ArzGavrinisa and Berder – can be discovered on foot or by bike, and often you’ll moor up on the sandy shores. The surrounding landscapes include the former salt marshes that have been transformed into oyster beds, surveyed by gliding seabirds. The gully of Port-Navalo is the only route through which the Gulf fills or empties, so with each passing tide, it swells then gently disperses the water, offsetting the usual tides. In the Gulf, nothing happens at the usual pace! On land, the sea can be glimpsed through various panoramic views with their paradise feel, especially as you walk along the coastal routes of the Tour du Golfe.

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