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The Islands of Brittany

Belle Île, Ouessant, Molène, Bréhat and so many others…

In total, there are nearly 800 islands and islets that are an inextricable part of Brittany. Each is unique, each has its own quintessential charm; only a few are big enough for you to spend your holidays on but others can be visited. Belle IleOuessant, Molène and Bréhat… these dream destinations are not always at the edge of the world!

Just a few kilometres from Quiberon in south Brittany, Belle Ile en Mer captivates all its visitors with its tranquil beaches, colourful harbours, the Pointe des Poulains and the offshore rocks known as the Needles of Port-Coton.  Further north, in the heart of the Natural Marine Park of Iroise in Finistère, the Molène Archipelago stretches out between reefs and shallows, populated by dolphins and grey seals.  Continue past the currents of Fromveur and you’ll reach Île Ouessant. On this island at the edge of the world, there are creeks and cliffs, lighthouses and moorland, with the timeless atmosphere that you’d hope for from such a remote island. Finally, we reach the island of flowers: Bréhat, a fortified island where the Gulf Stream helps the blue-purple agapanthus flowers to blossom. There are no motors or engines here, just wild creeks and countless birds… utterly enchanting!

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