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What to do during a romantic weekend in Brittany: 5 must-do activities

Ah, Brittany! this splendid region of France, proud of its history, is a destination “with a thousand wonders”. It still bears the marks of the many historical events in which it was one of the major players. In addition to having been spoiled by nature and shaped in a certain way by man, accompanied by its four departments (Ille et Vilaine, Finistère, Côtes d’Armor and Morbihan) it can boast of being one of the regions of France to have character. With its castles, its white sandy beaches, its culinary and artistic specialities, Brittany is one of the best destinations for an unusual romantic weekend. Its décor is made to make your intimate moments as magical as possible. In this article, we present 5 must-do activities to do during a romantic weekend in Brittany.

Live the life of a lord

Deep down in each of us is a prince or a princess. You can bring out this royal instinct hidden deep inside you with your partner by taking the opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of a lord in Brittany. The area has many castles that will offer you the incredible opportunity to be in contact with historical remains of unparalleled beauty. From the fortified castle of La Latte to the castle of Quintin or the castle of Fougères, the choice is vast and the pleasures varied. You can visit them during your romantic weekend. For your stay, you can stay in one of the Charme Bretagne accommodations. Depending on the castles available for your stay, you can benefit from a bar, Wi-Fi, walking trails and a room with castle décor.

Relaxing in Brittany

You can opt for moments of relaxation. Brittany offers you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful moment of relaxation with your partner in the many thalassotherapy and spa facilities in the region. Here is a short list that will help you choose your thalassotherapy according to your desires:

The thalassotherapy centre of Dinard: the city of Dinard will welcome you with luminous thalassotherapy centres. There is a thalassotherapy centre not far from the city centre. A wide range of treatments are available. You will have the choice between a slimming week, a relaxation cure for you and your partner. Enough to dazzle your romantic weekend and enjoy these moments of relaxation in the spa wing of the Dinard thalassotherapy centre.

The thalassotherapy centre of Saint-Malo: Saint-Malo offers you the opportunity to relax in its incredible thalassotherapy centres and spa areas. You will have the choice between a weekend getaway, discovery or à la carte treatments and many thalassotherapy packages.

The thalassotherapy centre of Concarneau: With its undeniable aesthetics, the Concarneau thalassotherapy centre has a particular charm. You will be able to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation in a setting that is both romantic and paradisiacal.

There are many other thalassotherapy centres in Brittany, including the one in: the town of Val André, Roscoff, Douarnenez, Bénodet, Concarneau, Belle Île en Mer, Quiberon and La Baule. It’s up to you to make your choice for your romantic weekend.

Take to the skies

If we say that love gives wings, we will agree that taking a step back is a completely romantic activity, especially if one of the spouses is not very comfortable with heights. By teaching them how to fight their fear of heights, you will strengthen your bonds and mutual trust. Brittany offers you the opportunity to take to the skies during romantic weekends thanks to activities such as:

  • Baptism in a helicopter or microlight: you can visit the region from the air aboard a majestic and comfortable helicopter or microlight. This will allow you to have a panoramic view of the splendor of the area. Enough to awaken strong feelings in your relationship.
  • Hot air balloon ride: a hot air balloon ride is just as suitable for a romantic weekend in Brittany. You will be able to fly over the most beautiful landscapes of the region, savoring every moment spent together.

Make your stay in Brittany unusual with these romantic activities!

In the heart of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is an excellent place to go for walks immersed in the romance of a romantic weekend in Brittany. You will be able to observe the beauty of the sea and watch it come to rest on the ramparts of the mountain. You will be able to stroll through the alleys and take a closer look at the architecture of the Mount. If you’re not a big fan of walking, you can explore the many routes that the Mont Saint-Michel has to offer by bike. The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is a splendid place to discover. It was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. You will be able to visit it in the company of a guide and cross it.

Discover the legends of King Arthur

The Brocéliande forest, mentioned several times in many stories, is known to have been home to the activities of the famous King Arthur, Merlin the Enchanter and the fairies Morgane and Vivianne. It is a place with a magical character that will make you enjoy a chivalrous adventure. Here you can spend the most romantic moments in the footsteps of great knights and great love stories of yesteryear. With a little imagination, you can play as mythical characters, which adds entertainment, humor and closeness with your partner.

For a most pleasant stay in Brittany, you can take advantage of the fully equipped guest houses and cottages available : swimming pool, spa, garden, etc. To help you find your accommodation, we offer 5 Charme Bretagne cottages and bed and breakfasts : Le clos du gusquelL’arbre voyageurle 14 Saint MichelLe domaine de Moulin Mer and finally le Ty Men Cren.

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