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Top 3 of the most beautiful places to admire the high tides

A tide represents a change in the height of sea level. This is due to the force exerted by the moon, the sun, and other attractive forces. There are places where you can spectacularly observe the high tides, such as Saint-Malo, where the tide phenomenon is a real spectacle of nature. High tides usually occur in autumn and spring. While their intensity is greatly diminished in summer and winter. In this article, we present the Top 3 of the most beautiful places where you can admire the high tides.

Unique event in Saint Malo

When the Atlantic Ocean enters the English Channel, it leads to violent wave movements held back by the tip of the Cotentin. Due to its geographical location under the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and its position in the coast, the phenomenon of high tides in Saint-Malo will be all the more impressive. They are considered to be the highest tides in Europe, as the difference in height between the waters at high and low tide can be as high as 12 m (39.4 ft). It happens twice a day for a period of 6 hours during this time of year.

On the rampart of Saint-Malo in the Corsair City, the Bastion of Holland is the place par excellence where you can see the high tides. Add to that, this observatory gives you a breathtaking view of the island of Grand Bé and the island of Petit Bé. To get there, take the Saint-Thomas gate at the beginning of your walk and make sure you are there 2 hours before the established time.

You can also do it from the RocheBonne dam located in the Paramé district, the immensity of the sandy landscape will conquer you and allow you to have a magnificent view of the tides.

But be careful! In Brittany, visits and hikes by the sea are subject to the tides. To safely enjoy the high tides of Saint-Malo, it will be important to find out about the appropriate times for your visit. Be vigilant when reading the signs and contact the local police if there is a problem. You can be accompanied by a guide if you feel the need, which increases your safety.

From April to October, here are the days and high tide coefficients for you in 2024.

APRIL 2024

Saturday, April 9th, 2024    –   coefficient 97

Sunday, April 10th, 2024    –  coefficient 104/110

Monday, April 11th                –   coefficient 114/116

Tuesday, April 12th               –   coefficient 115/116

Wednesday, April 13th         –   coefficient 106/111

MAY 2024

Tuesday, May 7th                  –   coefficient 97/99

Wednesday, May 8th            –   coefficient 101

Thursday, May 9th                –   coefficient 97/100

July 2024

Wednesday, July 24th            –   coefficient 95

August 2024

Tuesday, August 20th            –   coefficient 101

Wednesday, August 21st       –   coefficient 105/107

Thursday, August 22nd         –   coefficient 107/108

Friday, August 23rd                –   coefficient 100/104

September 2024

Wednesday, Sept 18th            –   coefficient 105/110

Thursday, Sept 19th                –   coefficient 113/115

Friday, Sept 20th                     –   coefficient 112/114

Saturday, Sept 21st                  –   coefficient 102/108

October 2024 

Thursday, October 17th          –   coefficient   107/110

Friday, October 18th                –   coefficient   112

Saturday, October 19th             –   coefficient   108/111

Sunday, October 20th               –   coefficient   97/103

November 2024

Saturday, November 16th        –   coefficient   102

When Mont Saint-Michel becomes an island

In addition to being an architectural marvel classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, Mont-Saint-Michel is famous for the phenomena of high tide. Located at the mouth of the Couesnon, it is more Norman than Breton. The high tide greatly influences its status, because when the tidal coefficients exceed 100, it becomes an island surrounded by waters and cut off from the world. To witness the high tides on Mont-Saint-Michel, you must be on:

  • The Bridge-Footbridge: connecting the island to the mainland, you will be impressed by the speed of the movements of the sea. But it’s safer to be high up.
  • The bay of Mont Saint-Michel: it is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is shallow and that is why the tidal phenomenon is intense. Although much of it is submerged, some remains uncovered. This will allow you to enjoy an undeniable view of the high tides.

On the heights of Fort la Latte

Also known as the Château de la Roche Goyon, it is the place par excellence where you can observe the high tides of the Emerald Coast. Built on a gigantic and impassive rocky cape, the view is breathtaking at the top. You will be amazed to see the breaking power of the waves and the wind that hits this stone rampart without shaking it. You will be impressed by the metamorphosis of this place during periods of high tides. It also has the particularity of turning into an island. It is a place of discovery, adventure and the design of fabulous memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.

Want to go there? Given the seasonal nature of spring tides, you will need to be sure that your visit is planned at the right time.

Whether alone or accompanied, you will find accommodation adapted to your needs. We have put together a list of some guest houses and cottages that will bring you comfort. You will then be able to stay in the sumptuous  Villa Saint Raphael, but also in the following guest rooms:  Tillac and le château du Pin. Finally, you can also choose between the following two cottages: The castle of Bezyl and the domaine de Linguinou.

A little tip from Charme Bretagne: At the end of the high tides and when the sea recedes completely, it’s the ideal time for fishing on foot! Leaving shellfish and crustaceans on its way, the sea will offer you a real feast that will amuse young and old alike. So arm yourself with buckets and landing nets and go fishing on foot.

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